How to Get Radio on a Cell Phone

If your cell phone has a data connection, you can use it as a radio. Whether you like music or talk radio, there is a high probability that you will be able to listen to your favorite program or station. No longer are you restricted to local stations. If you are in New York, you can listen to a station in California. Internet radio may be either an AM or FM broadcast station or it may be a station that plays their own music. Some cell phone radio applications even let you give a "thumbs down" on a song, and you will never hear it again.

How to Download Radio From iTunes to an iPod Nano

The iPod nano is the smallest device in the iPod family. Even though it is smaller, it provides a lot of the same features. iPod nano users can listen to different media on the device such as music and other audio files like radio podcast. The iTunes Store has many radio podcasts available for free subscription and download. Whenever a new episode is available for a podcast that a user subscribes to, it is automatically added to the iTunes Library.

How to Use the Squelch Control on a CB Radio

The squelch control on a CB radio filters out interference from atmospheric conditions or chatter from nearby channels. The geography of your location can also cause interference during CB communication. Follow these tips to use the squelch control on a CB radio.

How Does FM Radio Work?

Sound Waves and Frequency

All sound energy is in the form of a wave. The frequency of a wave is the measurement of the number of cycles that it undergoes in a given time frame. Hertz is a measurement of frequency that depicts the number of wave cycles per second. FM signals are measured in megahertz so an FM signal of 97.5 relates to 97,500,000 waves/second.

Frequency Modulation

FM actually stands for Frequency Modulation. FM signals use various frequency levels that reproduce the sound of the originating source (i.e. music). You've probably noticed that FM contains all your music channels while AM radio is limited to news and talk programming. This is because frequency modulation allows for the transmission of the greater range of frequencies (high and low sounds) contained within music

How to Reprogram a Locked Car Radio

Factory-issue car stereos sometimes come with an anti-theft device that renders the radio unusable unless you enter a code to unlock it. The code can be activated by disconnection of the car battery --- for example, when the vehicle is being repaired --- or if the stereo has been disconnected from the vehicle wiring. Reactivating the radio requires entering the unlock code, which you will have in the vehicle paperwork or will have to obtain from a dealer.

How to Program a UHF Radio

UHF radios need to be programmed with the frequencies that you want to listen and transmit on. The Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Standard Band is between 450 and 470MHz; UHF “T” band is between 470 and 512MHz; the Federal Government uses 406-420MHz; and 7-cm Ham is at 420-450MHZ. Public Service and cellular can be at 806MHz and higher. The most common end-user programmable radios are ham radios. They are easy to program if you have the right data.

How to Make Your Own Digital Radio Station

The growth of Internet radio has inspired many people to launch their own digital radio stations. With the development of several live streaming software programs, anyone can launch a digital radio station from a personal computer. Make sure you examine the benefits of each live streaming program to pick one that meets your format and programming needs.

How to Enable the Radio on a Dell Laptop

Dell laptops offer the benefit of wireless Internet access. The internal radio allows the laptop to locate a wireless signal for wireless Internet connection. Dell laptops possess the option to disable the radio access for flights and certain medical locations. If your settings have changed and you need to enable the radio on your Dell laptop, you can do so by following a few steps.

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