How to Record Music off the Radio

Recording music or other broadcasts off the radio is considered a form of "fair use" of the copyrighted material. With software, some inexpensive equipment and a few cables, you can record your favorite music for free.

Things You'll Need

Video capture, recording and editing equipment
Digital radio recorder
Satellite radio with recording features

How to Speak With a Radio Voice

Learning to speak with a radio voice means speaking in a healthful way and ensuring that your vocal chords vibrate correctly. While you can improve the tone of your voice, it is very difficult to change the pitch of your voice. Daily vocal exercises to improve your ability to speak clearly and fully support your voice will help to ensure that your listeners can understand and receive your message. For the radio personality, the voice is the most important asset. Taking care of your voice will provide you with the potential for a long career.

How to Use a CB Radio System

Once you understand the basics, it's easy to use a CB radio system. The CB radio is a short range, two-way communication device that is used between two CB operators. The CB radio can reach up to 4 or 5 miles, depending on the weather and type of terrain in the area. Here are a few tips to help you use a CB radio system.

How to Set Up an XM Ready Radio in a Car

XM Satellite Radio is available in vehicles from 24 manufacturers. There are also XM Ready aftermarket car stereos, for vehicles that are not equipped from the manufacturer with XM Satellite Radio. Several companies, including Pioneer and Kenwood, offer XM Ready car stereo head units. The basic steps to setting up XM Satellite Radio with XM Ready car stereos are similar, regardless of the head unit manufacturer.

How to Turn on Sirius Satellite Radio

Turning on Sirius Satellite Radio gives you access to over 120 channels on your Sirius Satellite Radio receiver. Whether your radio is installed in your car or home, or you simply want access to Sirius Internet Radio to stream your favorite channels wherever you travel, a Sirius account can be configured to your needs using a computer or by calling Sirius customer service. Upon activating service, you can change your account settings and add new services to your account using the web-based Sirius account management tools.

How to Program a Two-Way Radio

The purpose of a two-way radio is to allow a person to communicate with others in a certain radius with a hand-held device. A two-way radio comes in handy on construction sites and in heavily wooded areas where parties are spread out. Upon receiving your device, you may have a few questions about how to tune it. Following a few steps will have you programming your device effectively and efficiently in little time. You can power your device, turn on the radio, select an appropriate zone, choose a channel and communicate using the "PTT" button

How to Activate Satellite Radio in a Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Sirius XM Radio radio to offer Sirius satellite radio as a standard feature across a large portion of its vehicle fleet. While satellite radio is a subscription service, the radios often include a free introductory trial of several months. To receive the Sirius satellite signal, the Sirius radio needs to be activated. This can be done fairly quickly with a toll-free phone call or over the internet.

How to Sell Radio Advertising

With the amount of advertising options businesses have to promote their goods and services, the key to selling radio spots is to communicate the unique benefits your station has that other media options don’t. Radio offers a number of specific advantages you can promote, such as the ability to time ads each day and add sound effects.

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