How to Program a VHF Radio

VHF radio encompasses communication platforms in the VHF range, including amateur and marine radio. Programming a VHF radio out of the box can be somewhat challenging for budding amateur radio operators. Unfortunately, it's not the type of plug-and-play application we have grown used to in the digital age. VHF radios need initial programming for simplex and repeater operation before they are able to provide communication with local ham radio users. Additionally, the features needed are typically embedded in the complex, advanced radio menu. Fortunately, there are some time-saving steps you can take.

How to Turn on Sirius Satellite Radio

Turning on Sirius Satellite Radio gives you access to over 120 channels on your Sirius Satellite Radio receiver. Whether your radio is installed in your car or home, or you simply want access to Sirius Internet Radio to stream your favorite channels wherever you travel, a Sirius account can be configured to your needs using a computer or by calling Sirius customer service. Upon activating service, you can change your account settings and add new services to your account using the web-based Sirius account management tools.

How to Set Up My XM Radio FM Station

XM radio provides programming that comes from high-powered satellites orbiting the earth. According to the engineering firm Magnum Dynalab, the news, talk and music entertainment company utilizes three satellites and a host of ground-based repeaters to ensure coverage in all of North America. The sound plays through attached speakers or can be transmitted through an available FM radio signal to play on a home stereo, car or marine radio or boom box.

How to Listen to Sirius Radio Online

Sirius satellite radio offers most of its channels in a streaming digital format. The Internet stream can be very convenient, especially when you want to listen to music at work, but lack an MP3 player or dedicated Sirius unit. This stream can also be used on a personal computer at home. There are a few different ways to listen to Sirius radio online.

How to Activate Sirius Radio

Sirius Satellite Radio is a satellite radio service that operates in the United States and Canada. It provides music, sports, news and comedy channels, among many others, for a monthly fee. Sirius is different from regular radio stations because of its variety of channels and its clear, static-free reception. Sirius radio also currently has fewer commercial breaks than regular radio stations.

How to Troubleshoot a CB Radio

Most CB radios are easy to use, but when they have fail, it can be difficult to find the pinpoint the problem. One small flaw can prevent the radio from operating. Follow these steps to troubleshoot your CB.



Turn on your CB radio. See if your controls are turned and running properly. Check that your volume is turned up. Make sure your squelch knob hasn't been turned. See if your antenna has been connected properly.

Switch powerboxes just to make sure that your power source is running. If this isn't the problem, move to Step 3.

How to Program a Two-Way Radio

The purpose of a two-way radio is to allow a person to communicate with others in a certain radius with a hand-held device. A two-way radio comes in handy on construction sites and in heavily wooded areas where parties are spread out. Upon receiving your device, you may have a few questions about how to tune it. Following a few steps will have you programming your device effectively and efficiently in little time. You can power your device, turn on the radio, select an appropriate zone, choose a channel and communicate using the "PTT" button.

How to Get a Song Played on the Radio

In today's modern radio world it can be really tough to get your song played on the radio. Radio consolidation, with a few large companies owning a large majority of all commercial radio stations, has made it even harder for new artists to get airplay. Still, it's not impossible. What's the best way to get your song added to a radio station play-list or at the very list taken for a spin?

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