How to Produce a Radio Show

Programs ranging from "WKRP in Cincinnati" to "Frasier" to "iCarly" have prompted many television viewers to dream of producing their own radio shows. Modern radio shows make the process seem easy. Depending on your method of getting on the air, may be true. There are several steps to creating, funding and producing your own radio show, whether you do it in an existing commercial radio station or you broadcast from your home computer.

How to Get the CD Out of a GM Radio

The stock radio/CD player in most GM vehicles is made by Delco. These units can make it very difficult to remove a stuck CD. Your Delco radio may be flashing cryptic error messages or just not working at all, but there are a couple of methods you can try to remove the disc. None of them will damage your Delco CD player.

How to Turn on Radio on BlackBerry

BlackBerry mobile phones operate on wireless networks to receive calls and data services; their connection to the network is provided by what BlackBerry calls the "radio." Sometimes, you may need to use your device without a cellular network connection or wireless transmission; BlackBerry devices can also operate without the radio turned on. The radio on your BlackBerry will also automatically turn off when the battery is too low for the device to operate the cellular network connection. You will have to manually turn the radio back on after the battery is again fully charged.

How to Use A SSB CB Radio Properly

What is a SSB CB radio? It is a higher power type of CB that can transmit farther. Here is how to use one.

Listen before your talk. To use a SSB CB radio is easy. First you need to understand the basics and etiquette. SSB and regular CB, which uses AM do not get along. Each one causes interference on the other persons radio. AM CB is the most common mode and is used on channel 19 by truckers). It causes a loud squeal on a CB using SSB. For that reason most SSB CB users stick to channel 16 and channels 34 through 40. Although AM'ers as they are called, still use these channels, there are fewer of them on the upper channels and less squealing noise to contend with.

How to Work a Scion Radio

Scion radios are user friendly and have numerous features. If you have recently purchased a Scion vehicle, you may need some help operating some of the radio's features. In addition to having a standard AM/FM radio, the Scion radio is a standard feature of a CD player. Later models also have an iPod integration system which allows you to control your iPod through your stereo controls. Some models also have satellite radio.

How to Remove the Radio From an Electra Glide

The Electra Glide Classic has been one of Harley-Davidson's most popular motorcycle models over the years, providing a level of comfort second only to the company's larger Ultra Classic touring motorcycle. While most motorcycles only offer the sound of their engines as a soundtrack to a long road trip, the Electra Glide Classic was given an AM/FM radio to liven up the ride. Newer models boast CD systems and MP3 capabilities to boot. The radio system can be removed with some work by most Electra Glide owners, either to replace a faulty unit or to install an aftermarket system.

How to Listen to FM Radio on an iPod

How to Listen to FM Radio on an iPod. Portable media players began with FM radio. And while battery technology has improved dramatically, our desire for FM radio reception has not changed. Let's face it, we rely on our local FM radio stations to keep us current with new artists and the latest albums. Without a doubt, the iPod has become one of the most desired gadgets in the world of personal music players, but one thing that it has always lacked is an FM tuner. But this is no longer the case. In 2006, Apple debuted an FM tuner compatible with the iPod. It is actually a wired remote with a built in FM tuner.

How to Get Radio on a Cell Phone

If your cell phone has a data connection, you can use it as a radio. Whether you like music or talk radio, there is a high probability that you will be able to listen to your favorite program or station. No longer are you restricted to local stations. If you are in New York, you can listen to a station in California. Internet radio may be either an AM or FM broadcast station or it may be a station that plays their own music. Some cell phone radio applications even let you give a "thumbs down" on a song, and you will never hear it again.

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